Brother of Daniel Prude ‘speechless’ over grand jury decision: ‘The whole world watched them kill him’

Daniel Prude

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Daniel Prude’s brother Joe said he’s still in shock about the grand jury’s decision to not indict any of the officers on charges related to Daniel’s death.

Attorney General Letitia James made this announcement on Tuesday and said she’s “extremely disappointed” with the decision.

Joe said he’s at a loss for words and said he’s not surprised by the decision, but it’s still hard to wrap his head around.

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Last march, Daniel Prude encountered police on Jefferson Avenue and later died. The medical examiner’s office ruled his death a homicide.

“The whole world watched them kill him and am I angry, am I outraged, yeah, but I’m at a loss for words I don’t really know what to say,” Joe said.

On Wednesday, Joe reflected back on that March night.

“If I’d have known that I wouldn’t have tossed them with my brother I would’ve kept him in the house. I didn’t expect the reaction the way it happened when I called people for help.”

Joe said it’s hard to hold onto hope but what he still wants is simple.

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“We all should be equal human beings I want us all to be treated the same way. If we’re not all going to be treated the same way what the hell is the police force for? The law doesn’t work for us and when I mean us I mean people of color.”

He said he’ll never stop wondering why the grand jury made this decision.

“It’s just something I’m never gonna be able to digest at all. You all killed my brother and walked right away from it. Now you all are gonna go right back to work, are you serious?”

Joe has his own civil lawsuit in the works. He also said his lawyer will be going over the grand jury minutes to see exactly what was presented and he said all he can hope for at this point is an opportunity to put this situation back into the courtroom.

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