Poll: 60% of New Yorkers think Gov. Cuomo should resign after sexual harassment report

Cuomo Resigns

ALBANY, N.Y. (WROC) — Most New Yorkers think it’s time for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign, according to a new WROC/Emerson poll released Thursday.

The governor is facing mounting calls for his resignation from local, state, and federal lawmakers in the wake of a report conducted though the New York Attorney General’s Office that concluded he sexually harassed multiple women, including former and current state employees.

The governor again denied ever touching anybody inappropriately, as he has several times in recent months, and has not indicated that he has any intention to resign.

Meanwhile, lawmakers in the New York State Assembly are working quickly to begin impeachment proceedings. If that happens, it would be the first time in more than a century a New York governor was impeached.


According to most of those polled, the governor should not wait to be impeached to be removed from office, with 60% of respondents saying he should resign, while 26% said he should remain in office, and 14% said they were undecided.

In March, when allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo first surfaced, only 43% of New Yorkers polled were in favor of his resignation, with 34% opposed, and 23% unsure.

According to the poll, support for Cuomo’s resignation is strong among those under 50 years old (67% yes, 15% no), men (66% yes, 23% no), and those living in Upstate New York (66% yes, 20% now). According to the poll, men are more in favor of Cuomo’s resignation(66% yes, 23% no, 12% unsure) than women (54% yes, 29%, no, 17% unsure).

The only subgroup having a majority of voters think Cuomo should not resign, according to the poll, are Black voters (31% yes, 52% now).


If Cuomo does not resign, a majority of those polled, 58%, said he should be impeached by the New York State Assembly, while 27% said he should not be impeached and 15% said they were unsure.

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul

In the event that Cuomo does leave officer, via impeachment or resignation, and is replaced by Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, most New Yorkers polled (32%) said they were unsure if they have the confided in the job Hochul would do as governor.

According to the poll, 29% said they were confident in Hochul, 24% said they were not, and 16% said they have never even heard of her.

AG’s report

According to the poll, most New Yorkers trust the findings of the New York Attorney General’s report regarding Cuomo’s alleged sexual harassment, with 64% saying they trust the findings, 15% saying they do not trust the findings, and 20% saying they are unsure.

Also, a majority of New Yorkers (62%) said they believed the investigation was a serious attempt to find out what happened, while 31% said they believe it was a politically motivated attempt to remove Gov. Cuomo.


Overall, the governor is facing an uphill battle in terms of approval rating, with 41% saying they approve of his job as governor currently, and 47% saying they disapprove, but his approval is up slightly from the March 2021 poll when his approval was at 38% and disapproval was at 49%.

Cuomo’s approval numbers are struggling the most with white voters (32% approve, 62% disapprove), men (36% approve, 54% disapprove), and those under 50 years old (34% approve, 53% disapprove).

Conversely, the governor’s approval numbers are highest among Black voters (64% approve, 16% disapprove), Hispanic voters (51% approve, 34% disapprove), those 50 and older (50% approve, 40% disapprove) and women (46% approve, 41% disapprove).

2022 election

When asked about the 2022 gubernatorial election in New York state, 75% of voters polled said they would prefer a new governor, with 25% saying they would support a fourth term for Cuomo. The support is down from the March 2021 poll, where 33% of voters said they supported a fourth Cuomo term.

Bigger concerns

The poll revealed that voters are more concerned about other issues facing New York currently, with most (27%) reporting the Delta coronavirus variant to be the top issue. Other top issues include crime (19%), reopening businesses and the economy (18%), nursing home deaths from COVID-19 (9%), and providing COVID-19 vaccines (8%).

The governor’s sexual harassment allegations finished near the bottom of the list at 6%, alongside returning schools to in-person learning.


1,182 people were surved for this poll. Demographic breakdown is as follows:

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