ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN)– It’s been nearly seven months since former Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned from office because of sexual harassment allegations made against him. Despite the Attorney General’s report saying he harassed 11 women, Cuomo has maintained his innocence.

Friends of Andrew Cuomo now running an ad that says not a single allegation has been proven to have broken the law.

Groups such as NYPIRG, Reinvent Albany, and Common Cause/NY are now urging the New York State Board of Elections to open an investigation. The groups said the money used for the ad came from campaign money which violates election law. They also added Cuomo has $16.4 million dollars in his campaign account.

“The ads themselves do not promote a campaign for office, but represent an attempt to rebuild his image, smear his victims, and mislead the public,” stated Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY.

However, Former Governor Cuomo’s spokesperson, Rich Azzopardi, claimed these groups are mistaken.

In a statement, he said in part, “As friends of Andrew Cuomo is currently registered, this is absolutely a permissible use for campaign funds and either these self appointed watchdogs don’t know the law or they are trying to distract from further examination of what actually happened here.”

Advocates supporting sexual harassment victims said the ad is upsetting, especially since the former Governor led some of the most significant policy changes addressing sexual harassment and assault.

“He pushed that language and then won’t take accountability and recognize the really hurtful impact he has had feels much more like betrayal for us,” said Randi Bergman, Vera House Co-Exective Director.

When Capitol Correspondent, Jamie DeLine, asked Governor Cuomo’s spokesperson whether or not Cuomo will run for office again, she was told “the future is the future.”