ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Sixteen long years after a robbery and murder, a family finally has closure.

Richard Wilbern was found guilty Friday morning of murder and robbery.

Wilbern was convicted of a robbery at the Xerox Federal Credit Union in Webster back in 2003. During that robbery, 51-year-old Raymond Batzel of Lima was killed. Another man, Joseph Doud, was shot in the shoulder, but survived.

Wilbern was arrested and charged in 2016 in connection to the robbery-homicide, 13 years after the crime had occurred.

During a separate case, investigators were able to use Wilbern’s saliva from an envelope and match it with a genetic sample off of an umbrella left at the scene.

“And I believe it’s the correct decision, to hold Mr. Wilbern accountable after all these years, for the death of Raymond Batzel,” says Doug Gregory, Attorney in Charge of the Rochester Office, he says science solved the case.

“The DNA evidence we obtained from Mr. Wilbern conclusively matched the DNA left on the umbrella back in 2003,” he says adding, “DNA sees through disguises.”

Gregory says this case involved multiple people across many law enforcement fronts. 

The daughters of Raymond Batzel were there to give an emotional thank you to law enforcement …..and to ensure the memory of their father lives on. 

“I have a son…and my dad lives in him. I see it everyday,” says Shannon Atkins, Daughter of Raymond Batzel. “I am proud to know the people who have worked on this,” she says.

“I hope that nobody has to go through what we went through in losing our father…especially with such a violent crime,” says Carrie Akins, Daughter of Raymond Batzel.

Gregory added the sentence for these crimes should be mandatory life in prison. Gregory says the closure provided today, 16 year later, all came down to evidence left at the scene. 

“I can tell you conclusively, that had he not left that umbrella behind, there would have never been an arrest in this case,” he says.

Wilbern is scheduled to be sentenced on February 11.

Check back with News 8 WROC as we have a crew at the courthouse and will continue to update this developing story.