Suspects in custody after bodies found, boy left on porch


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WROC) — It’s been 11 weeks since three Florida residents disappeared in Buffalo, and a little boy was left alone on a porch.

According to Buffalo police, the key suspects in this case have been in custody for months. They were picked up on federal drug conspiracy charges, and for now, those are the only charges they face.

But in the words of an assistant US attorney, “We believe they are all substantially involved, if not directly involved in the murders of three persons.”

In late September, surveillance video was released of the suspects running away from a burning van holding the hand of the little boy whose parents were found dead inside.

3-year-old Noelvin turned up alone on a porch more than a half more away — talking about a burning car.

He is now in custody of other family members in Florida.

In the days following the release of that video, federal agents were prompted to take a closer look at the continual surveillance video around known drug houses on Box Avenue in Buffalo.

“That van (the one rented by Noelvin’s parents and was torched with their bodies inside) is last seen at about 6 p.m. on September 15. It’s not seen again on video until approximately 2:30 a.m,” said a federal prosecutor.

He described in court how Buffalo Police cameras captured the movements of the van and a red Kia Optima which had been known to frequent the drug houses.

“The red Optima is seen near, and I want to say with the van and on different occasions. I should add as well, two or three different occasions, it’s seen near the van,” according to an assistant US Attorney.

Late on the night in question, prosecutors said that red car is seen on video backing far into the driveway of a home on Box Avenue and two people are seen carrying seven or eight large contractor bags to a fire pit behind the house.

“It actually leaves and comes back, and, at that point, someone is wiping the back interior of the Kia Optima,” said the prosecutor in open court.

“That is striking to law enforcement because they’ve watched these persons for months now, and to see them wiping down the car, trying to destroy evidence, trying to get rid of evidence is concerning.”

Federal agents ended up finding human remains in that fire pit behind the home on Box Avenue. Archeological tests are still being conducted to determine whether or not it is in fact the body of Dhamyl Roman, the close family friend who had traveled with Noelvin’s parents from Florida.

On Box Avenue, in addition to finding human remains, agents also found possible other evidence near the fire pit, according to prosecutors.

“They found boxer briefs also containing a red stain in the trash can, and these boxer briefs match boxer briefs that were found in a hotel room in a suitcase where that Chrysler Pacifica had been earlier that day.”

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