ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Jonathan Spinks was convicted Friday in a pair of murders from October, 2020 in Rochester.

Spinks, now 30, was convicted of murder, attempted murder, assault, burglary, and criminal possession of a weapon for the death of Lysaun Curry and attempted murder of a woman.

According to prosecutors, Curry, 19, was found dead in a house on Trenaman Street on October 2, 2020. He had been shot 12 times.

Spinks was arrested days after he entered a woman’s home, waited for her to return, and shot her on October 10, 2020. Investigators eventually determined Spinks killed Curry and tried to kill the woman, both of whom he knew.

“Jonathan Spinks murdered Lysaun Curry in cold blood and nearly killed the second victim inside her home,” Assistant District Attorney Robin Catalano said in a statement issued Friday. “He stalked his victims with the intention to take their lives. Lysaun Curry was an innocent teenager who had his entire life ahead of him when Jonathan Spinks violently took it away.” 

Spinks is scheduled to be sentenced on December 8.