ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Give up the car, that is the number one message from police and self-defense experts. There are preventive measures you can do before a potential thief gets to your car window that could help get you out of a potential carjacking situation. 

The biggest tip for preventing a possible carjacking is situational awareness according to police and person defense expert David Jenkins. 

“Just keep your head up that’s what we tell everybody you have mirrors for a reason they’re supposed to help you see behind you. and you got three of them normally so when you stop take a quick look around you and see what’s going on,” said David Jenkins, founder Rochester personal defense .

If you notice a suspicious person following you, the best thing to do is go to a police station or the nearest public supermarket. 

“One thing we tell people if you think your being followed drive right up to the entrance of the nearest supermarket ya’ll get somebody’s attention,” said Jenkins.

For the bump and bait tactic, where a thief hits your car to stage an accident, Jenkins says if it looks dangerous do not get out of the car instead drive away and call police.

“Call 911 drive away. I know the insurance company’s tell us never to move the cars, in this case you’re OK, I talked to them,” said Jenkins.

If a potential thieve makes it to your car window, and nothing is blocking you,  hit the gas and drive away. If you can’t do that, or the thief is armed, the safest thing to do is give up the vehicle.

“If you can exit the vehicle safely and go get it out, just get out, give them the car, your car can be replaced it can be fixed you can’t,” said Jenkins.

Putting enough space between you and the car in front of you will also help. When you stop your car you should be able to see the tired of the car in front of you that will give you enough room to turn the wheel and make an escape if needed.

A suspect and vehicle related to a fatal carjacking was taken to the Gates Police Department yesterday evening, after a police chase in the City of Rochester. A juvenile was taken into custody and after an investigation, was released.

Police are still asking the public to call 911 with any tips