Rochester sees 3 homicides in a single day following emergency order


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — On Thursday, 2021 became Rochester’s deadliest year on record. And just a few days later, there is more violence to report.

Three homicides in 24 hours — adding to the more than 70 homicides so far this year.

One occurring on Pioneer Street around 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Police are calling it a domestic dispute.

A 30 year old man died from multiple gunshot wounds, and another 30 year old man is in stable condition at the hospital, officers say.

“It’s very quiet here, I’m alarmed that such an incident happened,” said Belanda Miller, a resident in the neighborhood for over 20 years. “I saw one of my neighbors, she was crying, she was just looking, people just came out, onlookers they were just shocked.”

News 8 observed several emotional family and friends at the scene.

Earlier around 2 a.m., a separate incident outside Black Bear Pub on West Ridge Road. Police say a man in his 30s was shot, suffering multiple gunshot wounds and died on scene.

News 8 obtained security footage showing the shooting happen in a parking lot in the rear part of the building. Officers say there was a large crowd gathering when it happened.

A few hours before that, another shooting on West Ave. One victim was pronounced dead on scene there, and another is fighting for his life.

Police say the man who died, was not an intended target of the shooting – he had actually been caught in crossfire while sitting in his car.

These incidents, all occurring a day after an emergency order announced. Former Rochester Police Chief, Cedric Alexander says this emergency order won’t be enough.

“People are looking for leadership, people feel there currently is a void in leadership,” he said.

The emergency order instated yesterday will bring in additional state troopers, and members of Monroe County Sheriff’s department to assist Rochester Police. They’ll be patrolling troubled neighborhoods, and working to get a list of over alleged violent offenders off the streets.

Alexander says turning the city around — isn’t something police can do alone.

“The community, clergy, Black Lives Matter, it is now important for you to come to a table, a number of tables at this moment, in this place in time you’re in, because this is well beyond just complaining, this is now everybody hands on deck,” he said.

On top of that, Alexander says there’s too much division, and it’s only going to hurt the situation.

“Everyone has to take part in this, no voice is going to be bigger than the other, you’re going to have to sit with police, work with police, give them a green light to go out and do the job they need to do as long as it’s done constitutionally,” he said.

Local Black Lives Matter movement ‘Free the People Roc’ released the following statement Saturday:

We send our deepest condolences to the families and community members who have lost loved ones this year to gun violence. This is a public health crisis that requires sustainable solutions grounded in prevention, care, and resource allocation.

As long as we pursue the same failed strategies, our communities will continue to suffer from needless violence. The only way we address the crisis is through comprehensive investments in community-based violence interruption, youth programs, and neighborhood resources that keep our communities stable, healthy, and whole.

We urge the Mayor and City Council to implement Advance Peace and give our communities the resources they need to end gun violence.

As always, police are urging the public, if you see something say something. Any information or tips can be reported to 911 or Rochester Crime Stoppers.

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