PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WROC) — Officials from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office say they have made an arrest in connection to a stolen purse and vehicle in Pittsford Plaza back in June.

Officials say 25-year-old Andrey Ogonovskiy of Rochester is charged with two counts of second degree robbery, one count of second degree assault, and one county of grand larceny.

According to authorities, Ogonovskiy took a purse from a person near the Barnes and Nobles parking lot, then began using the victim’s key job to locate her vehicle in the parking lot. Police say the victim chased after Ogonovskiy who fled on foot towards Monroe Avenue.

Officials say a short time later, Ogonovskiy approached a vehicle that was stopped at a red light waiting to turn onto Monroe Avenue when Ogonovskiy opened the passenger side door, pushed the driver out of the vehicle, then fled in the stolen vehicle.

Ogonovskiy was arrested by Webster police in late June for a similar crime and has been in the Monroe County Jail since June 29, officials say.

Webster police officials said officers responded to the Savers Store on Ridge Road shortly before 4 p.m. for the report of a man who forcibly stole keys from a woman while trying to steal her car.

Authorities said the Ogonovskiy’s attempt to steal the car were unsuccessful, but they say he then approached another woman in a different part of the same parking lot.

Officials said Ogonovskiy punched the woman, threatened to kill her, then forcibly stole her vehicle. Police say he then left the scene in the stolen vehicle and the woman who was punched did not sustain any injuries.