Missouri cold case arrest of Rochester man has local authorities investigating old crimes


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference Monday morning about Larry Timmons — a former employee in the Town of Perinton suspected of murder in Missouri.

Timmons worked as for the town of Perinton as a part-time park guard for a brief period in 2014.

“He seemed like a nice guy,” said Ciaran Hanna, Town of Perinton supervisor.” “Kind of low-keyed. Nothing to indicate he would have anything like this associated with him.

Timmons was already in the Lawrence County Jail in Missouri on forgery charges.

“We understand that he has used several different social security numbers, several different names, and dates of birth,” said Hanna. “We still don’t know which one he used for us. We are still sorting that out.”

Law enforcement authorities re-opened the cold case after a private investigation firm contacted them with new information. Cynthia Smith, a 31-year-old mother, was killed in 1988 in Pierce City, Missouri.

MSCO investigator Michael Shannon says Timmons was questioned about leaving a note on a woman’s car in 2009. The details of those cases were given to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s office. It helped officials there build a case against Timmons.

Law enforcement officials from Lawrence County and Monroe County are now investigating other open criminal cases to see if there’s any possible connections for more cold cases.

“We looked into our case to see if he could be,” said Shannon. “To this point — we have not found anything to show he was involved in any crimes up here.”

Shannon says they are still investigating to see if Timmons is connected to any other crimes and they are asking anyone with information to contact the sheriff’s office.

Town of Perinton statement on Lawrence Timmons

“The town of Perinton is shocked at the recent report and charges from Pierce City, Missouri involving Lawrence Timmons. We commend law enforcement for their diligence in their investigation of cold cases that resulted in the arrest of Mr. Timmons.

In early 2014, using falsified information, Mr. Timmons applied for employment at the Town of Perinton. He was hired in May of 2014 as a part time Park Guard working approximately 12 hours per week. He resigned his position in September of 2014. Mr. Timmons’ employment records indicate that during his tenure he had no employment issues.”

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