ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Local advocates are demanding justice for Anthony Hall Friday — a well-known community leader who was arrested by Rochester police officers during a crime scene investigation last weekend.

Officers with the RPD said Hall refused to leave a shooting crime scene at S&T Lounge on June 18 and was arrested for obstruction.

Hall, who leads the group “Pathways to Peace,” is called upon frequently to act as a bridge between police officers and the community.

Hall’s supporters returned to the scene of last weekend’s shooting to say that Hall’s presence at the investigation was no different.

“People are familiar with Mr. Hall in law enforcement,” said community activist Antonia Wynter. “He wasn’t there to obstruct justice — sticking his nose in someone else’s business.”

Activists said they want a formal apology from RPD, as well as the release of the body-cam footage from the crime scene.

“This was racist targeting and the fact that Anthony Hall, for many years, has acted as a bridge between law enforcement and community,” said Melanie Funchess, a member of the Greater Rochester Black Agenda Group.

In a press statement, RPD officials acknowledge Hall made a complaint of the conduct of the officer who approached him and an investigation is underway.

Hall nor the RPD are offering further information at this time.