ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Bath Village Police Department is taking a shot at attitudes toward crime and “the government in Albany” on two social media posts.

The first post was made Tuesday evening on the police department’s Facebook page. It stated “chemically dependent” people are breaking into garages on Robie Street and Warden Street and stealing various items, including motorbikes.

It went on to suggest “someone didn’t hug them enough as a child.” The post has since been edited to remove the second remark.

On Wednesday morning, a new post was made on the police department’s Facebook page acknowledging a requested edit to the initial language. But it went on to state that “almost 100 percent” of crime in the village is being committed by people who are high on drugs and have multiple felonies pending. The post ends by saying that people getting upset over crime is okay and that it would motivate change.

Original post (April 11, 2023):

Edited Post:

New Post (April 12, 2023):