ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — One man is dead, and another is in custody after a fight broke out at Ontario Beach Park Wednesday night.

Monroe County investigators say 43-year-old Carlos Mateo of Rochester is being charged with Criminally Negligent Homicide after he allegedly got into a fight with a 29-year-old man at the park.

That led to the victim severely injuring his head, authorities said.  

While on patrol through the park, Monroe County deputies heard screams for help which led them to the 29-year-old lying on the ground. Witnesses say this followed a fight between the deceased and Mateo.

Some park regulars like Eileen, of Rochester, said what she’s experienced when walking her dog after dark.  

“The atmosphere changes, the people change and it’s not safe around here,” Eileen said. “We’ve actually had some altercations. People just try to start fights and we walk away from it because it isn’t worth it and not safe either.”  

The victim was rushed to the hospital but died from his head injuries. As Carlos Mateo attempted to leave the scene, deputies arrested him.

While surprised this happened, Emily Harris of Rochester still feels Ontario Beach Park remains a safe family-friendly environment she can bring her kids.  

“When I come here that’s basically all I see is other families enjoying the park,” Harris said. “We love the water, we love the beach, we love walking on the pier. All of it.”  

This feeling is echoed by other members of the public who don’t see this taking away what Ontario Beach Park has to offer. But you should be aware of your surroundings after dark.  

“We always come during the day, and I’ve never had any problems,” Christine Herbert of Greece said. “People are always greeting you; people are friendly. It always seems like a family place.” 

“I have come here at dusk before, and I think it’s more of a matter of watching your surroundings,” Harris added. “And just being aware of what’s going on around you instead of being afraid of a park because something happened.”  

The charges Carlos Mateo faces include a Class E Felony. He was released to pre-trial earlier today. The 29-year-old victim, in this case, has not been identified.