Ogden police investigating after gunshots fired into 3 apartments


OGDEN, N.Y. (WROC) — The Ogden Police Department is investigating after three different apartments in a multi-family building were struck by gunfire overnight.

According to the OPD, officers responded to the area of Teaberry Drive around 1:50 a.m. on Tuesday for the report of shots heard. Responding officers found numerous bullet impacts to at least three apartments in a multi-family building.

No one was struck or injured. The suspect(s) left the scene prior to police arrival. Police say the investigation is ongoing.

“We got several calls, a lot of very upset people. It’s not something we handle in Ogden every day. It’s pretty uncommon to have a shots fired or building struck in this town,” Ogden Police Chief Christopher Mears said.

“Obviously it’s alarming. Folks are in their homes and that’s where they’re supposed to feel safe.”

Several neighbors told News 8 they heard the shots and weren’t sure whether it was fireworks or gunshots.

“I jumped out of the bed I thought at first it was fireworks, but my friend said no it was shotguns,” said Turan Korlou.

The chief says they’ve increased patrols in the area and they’re still looking at a few people who could have done this. Neighbor Lynn DiMaria has lived in Ogden for 35 years and said nothing like this has ever happened.

“Unbelievable. We have cows across the street, we have sheep up at the corner, we do. This is a farmland this is a small suburb of Rochester but it’s all farmland and I just can’t believe something like this happened out here,” DiMaria said.

Chief Mears added that this is not a random act of violence and that one apartment was likely the target. He said still, it’s concerning.

“One of the big concerns we have was that these rounds were fired mostly into bedrooms, living spaces” he said. “One bedroom that was affected, the young man living in the apartment had decided to sleep on the couch that night if he had been sleeping in his bed there’s a good chance he would’ve been struck, possibly killed, so very concerning that bedrooms are targeted at 1:00 in the morning where people are sleeping.”

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Ogden Police Department at (585) 617-6131.

The chief also said aside from the recent car jacking incident and a homicide two years ago, the last shooting here in Ogden was six years ago.

News 8 WROC will provide updates as they become available.

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