GENESEO, N.Y. (WROC) — A New York City man was arrested after compromising the Snapchat account of a SUNY Geneseo student.

29-year-old David Mondore of New York City was arrested and charged by complaint with:

  • unauthorized access to computer systems in furtherance of any criminal act in violation of state law
  • unauthorized access to a protected computer in furtherance of fraud
  • aggravated identity theft

According to a statement from the FBI, Mondore used the account of an acquaintance of the Geneseo student to reach out to her and ask to use her account to see if another person blocked said acquaintance. The student then shared her credentials and shortly after, received a text message purported to be from Snapchat Security indicating that her account had been locked and that she needed to provide a pin number to unlock it. The text message also advised that the pin requested would be the same pin used for her “My Eyes Only” folder in her Snapchat account. She replied and provided the pin number for the folder.

“Then, the student received an email stating that her password has been changed. She then leaned that the the person who “had gained access to her Snapchat account used her account to send an explicit photo of her, which had been saved in her Snapchat account, to 116 Snapchat users on her Snapchat friend list. The photo was captioned, “Flash me back if we are besties.” Four of the students friends responded, sending explicit pictures of themselves.

Investigators traced the phone numbers purporting to send text messages from Snapchat security and the IP addresses used to hack into the victims’ Snapchat accounts, and each resolved to the defendant, David Mondore.”

The charges against Mondore carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Aggravated identity theft carries a mandatory two years in prison, which must be served consecutive to any penalty imposed on other charges.

Anyone who believes their Snapchat account was compromised in a similar manner is asked to call the FBI at 716-856-7800.

Full Complaint: