ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A man has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in connection to the killing of his stepfather back in August 2021.

43-year-old Lance Mitchel, along with 46-year-old Dawn Mitchel, was arrested and charged with murder and concealing a corpse in connection to the death of William Mason.

Tuesday, in front of a judge and family, Lance Mitchel admitted to killing his step-father saying he was angry over not being able to see his dying mother and over childhood toys being given away or sold after her death. That anger – he said – caused him to literally snap Mason’s neck

Prosecutors said this was the first time they had heard any of this adding prior to this admission he had kept quiet leaving them with only circumstantial evidence.

“There was no blood, there was some video putting some people in places, we didn’t even know what actually happened to William Mason,” said Assistant District Attorney, Sara VanStrydonck.

This is why prosecutors say they agreed to a manslaughter charge and 15 years in prison instead of something more serious – a move Mason’s family was not happy about saying it just adds to tragedy of it all.

“15 years for breaking someone’s neck and disposing of their body in a fire pit, 15 years is not enough, it will never be enough,” said Mason’s Daughter-in-law, Amanda Mason.

“Not only did we lose Dad and incredible member of society, we also lose another portion of the family due to these horrendous crimes,” said Bill Mason’s son, William.

On May 25, 2021, William Mason was reported missing from the Town of Parma. Authorities declared his disappearance suspicious since his car was still at his home.

Later in June of that year, investigators found human remains in a fire pit near his home, which were confirmed to belong to Mason. Police later confirmed that there was a fire in the fire pit on the night that Mason went missing.

Initially, both Dawn and Lance pleaded not guilty to the charges.