WEBSTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Rochester General Hospital pediatrician Adam J. Weis was charged with endangering the welfare of a child in the Webster Town Court Wednesday.

In November 2022, prosecutors say Weis inappropriately touched a nine-year-old girl. They said the incident caused the girl “mental anguish.” News 8 was told the contact did not deal with sexual acts. 

Weis originally pleaded not guilty to these charges then entered a plea deal, admitting to these accusations, and confirming he did have inappropriate contact with this nine-year-old girl. The judge made it clear to Weis: he had the right to a jury trial — but by pleading guilty — he waived the right to that trial.

Under this deal, he will have to surrender his medical license, and cannot have any contact with the victim under an order of protection. Further, he will be on probation for three years.

News 8 was told this happened at Weis’ home, not during his practice at the hospital — and the victim is not a family member and was not a patient.

“It is not a registerable offense… but it does include, essentially, sex offender terms. They are not under the law sex offender terms, but it’s very similar terms in (this) case,” he said without going into specifics of what the act was.

The Monroe County District Attorney’s Office remarked on the courage of the girl to come forward.

“I mean the child’s cooperation is everything,” Kevin Sunderland with the DA’s office said. “These cases of child abide come down to the kids. In New York State it almost always requires a child to testify. That’s the way this works. So, without a child’s cooperation, without a child being brave enough, and having the strength to come forward and talk about when these bad things happen to them — we wouldn’t be here.”

Sunderland said what Weis did– as a pediatrician– cannot be ignored. 

“That’s why we took it as seriously as we did, that’s why we had him surrender his license to practice,” he said.

Weis will return to court on August 11 for sentencing. Sunderland said this is to answer for any further charges and to see if he violates his probation between now and then.

Check back with News 8 WROC as we will continue to update this developing story.