Feds detail complaint against Hilton man charged in January 6th Capitol attack


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Cody Mattice, the Hilton man charged in connection with the deadly January 6 attack at the U.S. Capitol, was in court Tuesday afternoon for a bail hearing.

Mattice was taken into custody last week by the FBI.

His charges include assaulting and resisting officers, and committing an act of physical violence on the Capitol grounds.

Mattice is also facing weapons charges from that day.

Prosecutors say the 28-year-old helped to lead the crowd that broke into the Capitol. They also claim multiple text messages and videos show Mattice in protective gear, pepper-spraying police, and removing barricades.

The bail hearing is set to resume Friday at 2 p.m. If convicted, Mattice could face up to 20 years in prison.

Family man

Mattice’s aunt, Rebecca Evert, says the family was home Thursday morning when they were all awakened to a thunderous “boom” around 6 a.m. She said the FBI used a flash bang grenade and everyone was afraid.

She says her nephew is a young person who got caught up in the events of that day, and she asks that people reserve their judgement.

“He is the best family man,” Evert said. “That’s all that is, all about family. He loves all of us, he loves going on family vacations, going camping, just spending a lot of time with family. He’s the best father to his two children.”

Evert says it’s been an upsetting time for her family since Mattice was taken into custody last week.

“Hoping that God takes over,” Evert said. “That people actually — if you gets met him and knew him in person you would want to get to know him more because he is amazing. And for all the people who are just judging without even knowing; they’re biased. And it’s heartbreaking and it’s hurtful.”

Criminal complaint

A federal criminal complaint, unsealed Wednesday, allegedly shows pictures and videos of Mattice at the Capitol on the day of the insurrection.

According to prosecutors, another local man, James Mault of Brockport, was seen climbing onto a ledge of the Capitol and spraying a chemical agent at law enforcement.

Check back with News 8 WROC as we will continue to update this developing story.

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