GENEVA, N.Y. (WROC) — It’s been almost a week since a body was found behind the Geneva General Hospital.

Police identified the body as 44-year-old Keith Morlang, of Waterloo.

On Friday morning around 7 a.m., Morlang was suffering from a medical episode. It’s alleged the two suspects told Morlang’s family they would take him to the hospital. Instead, police say the two left him in an abandoned parking lot, concealing his body.

One of the suspects is 21-year-old Kiara Scott. Police say she was the victim’s ex-girlfriend. Police are still looking for 24-year-old Lacrita Verstreate, a second suspect in the act.

Officers said the two women are friends.

Lt. Matthew Colton with Geneva Police says the women tried to conceal Morlang’s body behind an abandoned shuttle bus behind the hospital.

“That bus has not been in use for quite some time, it’s parked pretty far off the road, about 100 years,” he said. “They had tried to conceal the body in between the bus and the tree lines.”

Colton says it’s a situation where Morlang could still be alive – had he got the help he needed.

But why he was left this way instead – is the big question.

“So the victim was there all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,” he said. “Sunday afternoon a passerby observed his body, and from there contacted police.”

Colton says you could see the victim from the road if you looked hard enough.                 

Right now they’re asking the public for any leads they can get, to find Versteate.

“We have reason to believe that she is in the City of Rochester,” he said.

He added it’s a story, unlike anything he’s ever seen here in Geneva, and is something the family is devastated by.

“Clearly they are grieving at this point,” he said. “It’s clearly still early for them, but they have been cooperative with us, and I couldn’t ask for better cooperation.”

Police won’t specify what Morlang’s medical emergency was at this point. They said there is an autopsy, but too early in the investigation to release a cause of death.

As for those two women; more charges could be on the way.

If anyone has information regarding this investigation, you’re asked to contact Detective J.D. Winter at (315) 828-6780 or the On-Duty Supervisor at (315) 789-1111.

The family of Keith Morlang set up a GoFundMe page that can be found here.