ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Two prominent businesses were damaged overnight Monday, police confirmed. They did not specify whether the incidents are related, or whether the suspect is the same in both cases.

According to a Tuesday morning tweet from East Avenue’s Record Archive, a suspect attempted to drive their car through the glass front doors of the business.

Police said the call for Record Archive came in at 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Investigators said that they believe at least one suspect attempted to enter by using a car to drive through the front doors and frame. Items were stolen from the store.

About 15 minutes later, officers responded five minutes down the road to Comedy at the Carlson. At this location, at least one suspect tried to use a car to drive through the front entrance.

The glass front doors to their business were also smashed, and their ATM was taken, according to a tweet from the organization.

“To the person who broke our doors and stole our ATM this morning, you forgot your iPhone,” the tweet reads, going on to encourage the alleged perpetrator to pick up their phone at the Rochester Police Department.

Mark Ippolito, Director of Operations for Comedy at the Carlson, said he awoke in the middle of the night to a call from his alarm company.

“I came on down, there was probably five or six RPD here ,” he said. “There was a cash register, that was smashed on the sidewalk that wasn’t ours, there was change all over the ground, I told them that wasn’t mine.”

Police say they are investigating both incidents, asking anyone with information to call 911.

Last Monday, Old Pueblo Grill on Atlantic Avenue also had their front doors smashed.

Communications Director Eric Rozestraten said there will be a lot of repairs.

“Ultimately it sets us back thousands of dollars,” Rozestraten said.

It’s every business owner’s fear, and Ippolito said he just wants criminals to understand that.

“We work hard, and we work hard every day, and it just makes it tougher,” said Ippolito. “You’re really causing thousands, and thousands and thousands of dollars of damage.”

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