ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Police are forming a taskforce to investigate a string of car jackings across Monroe County after connecting 14 car jackings that started in late March.

The thieves are not targeting any type of vehicle, demographic, or specific area and this is making drivers nervous and more cautious.

“This just feels like a crime of opportunity, this is a network of people that are stealing vehicles at this point,” said Sgt. Jared Rene, Greece Police Department.

With the suspects still on the loose, it’s concerning to drivers like Jennifer Dirks who spends her nights driving for Lyft ride share.

“With so much going on, crimes rates up everywhere, more shootings everything going up, so it’s definitely nerve-racking; makes me more nervous all around,” Dirks said.

“It could be anywhere so I would just keep yourself protected at all times especially if you’re a female,” said Zenobia Jones.

Sgt Rene says the thieves are using three techniques. They will sometimes rear-end cars to cause an accident, blocking cars stopped at red lights or sometimes even follow a driver to a home in Greece.

“Same thing: Up in their face at gunpoint, ‘give me your keys’, and then they’re off,” said Sgt. Jared Rene.

Police say if you find yourself in this situation don’t fight, just surrender your car. Another option is to drive to the nearest police station, it’s Something Darren Fazio and his wife have already discussed.

“If I find myself in an area that I didn’t know very well or it was desolate, I would find myself to the nearest police station on my iPhone to try to be safe right I’m not going to get out of the car and engage anybody,” said Darren Fazio.

Police believe this is a pattern with the same people, a group of some kind is likely responsible. A taskforce spanning multiple police agencies has been formed to track down these suspects. 

Police are asking for the public’s help in all this. If anyone has information, please call 911.