GREECE, N.Y. (WROC) — Dimitri Cash — the father of two children abducted in Greece last week — is due in court on Thursday.

Authorities say 3-year-old Shekeria Cash and 5-year-old Dimitri Cash were found safe out of state 48 hours later on Wednesday evening. The children were found in Montgomery, Alabama, tracked by a vehicle that was rented in the Rochester area.

“They [the children] were being secreted under a blanket, under the floorboard of a vehicle,” Greece Police Chief Andrew Forsythe said.

MORE | Court documents reveal Dimitri Cash accused of helping plan children’s kidnapping

According to a complaint filed by a Greece police detective, Cash helped plan the kidnapping when two people broke into the foster home, duct taped a victim and homeowner to two children, pushed them down the basement stairs, and hit them multiple times. The paperwork says one of the victims suffered significant bruises from the violence. The paperwork says the suspects stole a victim’s car and left the house with Shekeria and Dimitri Cash Jr.

Cash was arrested over the weekend and another woman, Kimara Pluviose, was arrested last week in Alabama in connection to this crime

The complaint ends by saying Dimitri Cash intentionally, knowingly, and unlawfully committed kidnapping, burglary, and robbery — all felonies. Cash is charged with the three different crimes under section 20, which means he may or may not have personally participated in all the actions listed, but police believe he had some involvement.

Cash is being held in the Monroe County Jail. Pluviose, 32, is being held in Alabama.

Cash was also arrested last January and is accused of forcibly removing his children from school without consent or custodial rights of the children. He was also accused of striking the school principal with his vehicle while leaving the school, when then prompted a local search for him and the kids.

Cash is still facing four misdemeanor charges stemming from his 2020 arrest, but the police chief said it still has to play out in the courts, which have been delayed by the pandemic. The District Attorney’s office said Dimitri’s next court date isn’t set yet. The case is still being handled in Greece town court and the order of protection has been extended until April.

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