ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Brandon Washington appeared in federal court on Friday for a detention hearing.

Washington is facing weapons charges and drug trafficking charges and is accused of leading a major drug-scale operation in Rochester.

Police allege the drug operation has direct ties to the death of Rochester Police Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz, and injury of Officer Sino Seng.

Prosecutor Douglas Gregory showed never-before-seen surveillance video to the courtroom. The footage takes place in and around Washington’s residence, and several alleged drug houses.

The video shows Washington with large firearms, counting cash and handing over cash to alleged ’employees’.

We also see Kelvin Vickers at Washington’s residence, the man accused of killing Officer Mazurkiewicz.

Prosecutors allege Vickers was taking orders from Washington.

Video also shows the group’s alleged involvement in a double homicide on North Clinton, on June 20, 2022. Attorneys say bullets were tired directly to members of the organization. Vickers, Deadrick Fulwiley, and Raheim Robinson are in custody with pending charges, in connection.

Prosecutors then showed video from the night of July 22.

Attorneys allege Vickers, Washington and Deadrick Fulwiley were watching the undercover RPD van from their porch, growing agitated, thinking it was a possible rival van.

Private ring doorbell footage, shows Vickers allegedly sneaking behind houses on Laser Street, approaching the van from behind.

We hear several bullets shot at the undercover car, where Mazurciewicz and Seng were monitoring the area, following recent alleged violence around Washington’s residence. Molotov cocktails and drive-by shootings were reported in connection to the alleged gang wars.

A decision on Washington’s detention is set for next Tuesday.

Washington’s defense attorney said she agrees with prosecution, that Washington is connected to the large-scale drug operation, but said there is no direct connection to the violence within it.

She said Washington is not a flight risk, due to having family and construction projects here. She’s requesting Washington be released and monitored, pre-trial.

Washington does have a criminal history. He served 14 years in jail for manslaughter charges in 2004.