ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A city employee was arrested and charged after walking into an ongoing crime scene on June 18, police officials announced Thursday.

Investigators say they were led to investigate the S&T Lounge parking lot on North Street after a 43-year-old male walked into Rochester General Hospital with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.

Officers at the time located evidence of shots fired, blocked off the crime scene to protect evidence, and located a handgun in a vehicle. Officers then arrested parolee Victor Gilchrist.

During the investigation, officers said 36-year-old Anthony Hall exited 328 North Street and entered the perimeter of the crime scene. At first, officers noted he appeared to be leaving, but then walked back deeper into the crime scene.

One officer attempted to stop Hall from entering, but he refused the officer’s orders to leave. Hall was arrested for second-degree obstruction of governmental administration, which is classified as a misdemeanor, and was issued an appearance ticket to appear in Rochester City Court.

Officers said they later learned that Hall was an employee with the City of Rochester. Hall later complained about the police officer’s conduct.

Chief David M. Smith said he was notified at 3 a.m. about the incident and began an internal investigation with the Office of the Mayor, the Corporation Counsel, City Council, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and the Rochester Police Locust Club.

Officers added that there was information posted on social media and decided it was inappropriate for the police department to comment further about the incident.