BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) – Brighton Police are investigating a string of larcenies in a number of areas, but right now, are more focused on one neighborhood in particular. 

In the last month, police say the area of North Landing and Blossom Roads has seen the most activity in recent weeks. With 10 car thefts in the last month, and stolen vehicles, the department is working to narrow down the suspects.

“I would say just that they are crimes of opportunity. These people are going and checking car doors, car handles, and taking advantage of people who’ve either forgotten to lock their cars or have forgotten to take things out of their cars, left keys in their car, or just the people who never generally lock their vehicles,” said Sgt. Keith Woodard with Brighton PD.

Sgt. Woodard says the area of North Landing and Blossom Roads is of particular concern with the most activity compared to other parts of the town.

The neighborhood has also seen four stolen vehicles, a burglary, and an attempted home break-in in the last month.

“There’s absolutely a sense of frustration more than anything else. Certainly, this group of individuals is targeting this neighborhood at this time. They honestly found success, that’s what it is, and they found continued success,” said Sgt. Woodard.

Sgt. Woodard says the Brighton police department is looking at multiple suspects in their investigation, and reminds residents to stay vigilant.

“Continue to be vigilant, continue to do what we’re asking, and continue to lock your car and lock your home. It’s definitely significant. I don’t know if it’s the worst I’ve ever seen. It certainly is not good,” said Sgt. Woodard.

Police say recent vehicle thefts in Brighton are no longer tied to Kia vehicles only, a trend that’s been seen in recent months nationwide.

The Brighton Police Department asks anyone with more information to call the department directly at 585-784-5125.