ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Andrea Lipton, the mother of three-year-old Kei’mere Marshall who died in July 2020, was sentenced to seven and a half years to 15 years in prison on Thursday for second-degree manslaughter charges.

On July 11, 2020, Rochester police officers responded to the area of Avenue C where they found three-year-old Marshall unresponsive. Marshall died in the hospital three days later after investigators discovered multiple, severe injuries.

Lipton left Marshall with caregiver Anthony Love, whom investigators say beat the child, leaving him with a ruptured spleen and pelvic fractures. Love is now serving 25 years in jail.

Prosecutors said that Lipton contributed to her child’s death after failing to seek medical attention when Marshall was in pain.

“You should never have to say ‘the murder of a three-year-old’ ever,” said Assistant District Attorney Sara Van Strydonck. “It’s not natural, it’s terrible, it’s a horrible thing to think about. People put their heads on pillows every night in this community and think it doesn’t happen, and it does.”

Lipton’s defense attempted to argue that Lipton was abused sexually, physically, and psychologically throughout her life, but Judge Argento didn’t believe it was a reasonable defense. The prosecution argued that the details of the abuse were never brought to the table or properly cross-examined. Argento said even if the stories of Lipton’s abuse are real, it should have no way contributed to the death of her child.

Kei’mere Marshall’s godmother said she hopes Lipton stays behind bars for the duration of those 15 years.

“We needed to let her know that even though she tried to get the gag order for the trial and antagonize us,” said godmother Deaire Phillips. “That, at some point, we were going to have a chance to speak and that’s what we did because you don’t play with fire and act like you’re not going to get burnt.”

Phillips added, “We’re happy. We’re really happy. We’re glad (Lipton) finally got what she deserved. It’s kind of a weight lifted because up until this point, everyone believed she was innocent or she was this loving caring abused woman… and that was not the case at all.”