ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Two of the four suspects who plotted an attack on an upstate New York Muslim community sentenced Thursday.

Both Andrew Crysel and Brian Colaneri were sentenced to four to 12 years, meaning they come up for parole in four years but could serve twelve.

Both of them pleaded guilty to conspiracy in June.

It all started back in January when Crysel and Colaneri, along with Vincent Vetromile and Nicholas Pheilshifter were found in possession of almost two dozen guns and three bombs.

They planned to attack the Muslim community of Islamberg in Delaware County, New York.

Vetromile and Pheilshifter also pleaded guilty. Vetromile faces seven to 12 years in prison for terrorism and weapons charges. Pheilsifter was 16 at the time of arrests. He’ll go to a children’s detention center until he’s 18, and then to state prison.