ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — One man is dead and three others have been hospitalized with various injuries following a shooting early Monday in the parking lot of the Walmart Supercenter on Hudson Avenue in Rochester.

According to Rochester Police Department officials, officers responded to the parking lot around 12:50 a.m. for the report of shots fired. Shortly after, four gunshot victims arrived at Rochester General Hospital in private vehicles.

According to RPD, the information on the victims is as follows:

  • Angel Gonzales-Pagan, 18, was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at the hospital
  • Male, 23 years old sustained non-life threatening injuries to lower body
  • Male, 31 years old sustained non-life threatening injuries to upper and lower body
  • Male, 43 years old sustained life threatening injuries, in critical condition

An update from Rochester police officials Monday afternoon in regards to initial information on the victims in the shooting:

“We initially reported that a 15-year girl sustained gunshot wounds. Although she was in close proximity to the gunfire, she was not injured and was only taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure. The 31-year old male victim (#3 below) was not previously reported. As a result, the number of shooting victims still remains at four. He also arrived at Rochester General Hospital in a private vehicle.”

During the investigation, officials said several hundred people gathered in the parking lot when a fight broke out.

Police say nearly 50 gunshots were fired in total.

“Investigators are still determining whether the combatants of the fight had anything to do with the shots being fired, or if the shots were fired as the result of a separate altercation in the parking lot,” officials said in a statement.

Walmart officials released the following statement in relation to the incident:

“Overnight while our store was closed, an incident occurred on our parking lot. We are continuing to work with law enforcement as they conduct their investigation.”

Hudson Avenue was blocked off from East Ridge Road to Route 104 for most of the morning, but was reopened for traffic shortly after 10:30 a.m.

The Major Crimes Unit is conducting the investigation and is asking anybody with information or cell phone video to call 911, the Major Crimes Unit at 585-428-7157, Crime Stoppers at 585-423-9300, or email

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren released the following statement on the matter:

“As I have stated too many times, we cannot legislate morality. What happened this morning, culminating in the shooting of four people and the death of an 18-year-old is heartbreaking and appalling. I continue to support the efforts of our police department to quell this violence with the assistance of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and the New York State Police. We must also continue efforts to provide all of our citizens, particularly our children, with alternatives — most importantly, a quality education, access to jobs and support services. So every person, every child, can believe in their future and choose to pursue it. I continue to pray for all of the families affected and I ask all those of faith in our city to join me.”

A statement Monday from Rochester City Councilmember Malik Evans, who defeated Warren in last week’s Democratic primary for mayor:

“I am heartbroken by the shooting that occurred in the Walmart parking lot last night. We are seeing too many deaths at the hands of gun violence in Rochester. Stopping the cycle of violence must be the priority of everyone in the community. Our younger generation cannot live in fear. They deserve to live in safety and peace. Policy changes only go so far, and must be coupled with changes at an individual and community level so we do not see violence like we have seen over the past 6 months. I urge anyone with information on this tragedy to come forward. My thoughts are with the families of the victims of last night’s shooting, and I will continue to pray for peace in our city.”

Last week, RPD officials said the department will seek assistance from federal law enforcement agencies to address the recent spike in violent crime, officials told News 8 Thursday. The Rochester Police Department deputy chief says the increase in violence has police working around the clock. 

Rochester has had 35 homicides so far this year, including 12 this month alone, putting the city on pace for its highest homicide rate since at least 2012. The online database doesn’t show homicide statistics prior to 2012. 2021 has already had more homicides in the city than the entire calendar years of 2014, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

This is a developing story. News 8 WROC will provide updates as they become available.