How Macedon is pumping the brakes on speeders

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MACEDON, N.Y. (WROC) — Residents have a powerful tool to stop speeding cars in Macedon.

Macedon Police Administrative Sergeant Steve MacNeal explained how people are partnering with police to slow speeders in our Crime Tracker segment.

MacNeal took us to Walworth Road in Macedon. He said it’s one of several trouble spots when it comes to speeding cars which can be dangerous and a nuisance for residents. “Really it’s a quality of life issue for a lot of our residents in town,” he said. “Specifically, the home that we’re at today, he calls every couple of weeks because it’s just a chronic problem in this area.”

But residents can fight back against speeding drivers. Macedon has a Radar/Speed Trailer Request Program. “So essentially anyone can contact our office,” explained MacNeal. “They can call 9-1-1 and ask for an officer to stop out to their house or they can email us requests to either sit at their home and do manual radar with a patrol car and an officer or they can ask for the speed trailer.”

To see the Radar/Speed Trailer Request Form and to learn more visit

The speed trailer has two benefits. It encourages drivers to slow down. It also can collect data for police to use. “It’s an awareness piece,” MacNeal said. “We use it as a deterrent. But the Speed Trailer is set up so that we can collect data that we can then use to take to a highway department and ask for additional signage or ask for a review of the actual speed limit to be studied to see if we should reduce the speed limit in a particular area.”

The program won’t catch every speeding driver, but it’s giving people in Macedon the chance to pump the brakes on a threat to their safety. It’s popular too. When asked how often residents sign up to have a radar patrol or the speed trailer on their property, MacNeal said, “All summer long.”

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