‘Fireworks are dangerous,’ police say to leave it to the experts

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Americans love 4th of July fireworks. But police have a warning.

“The message is very clear and very straight to the point: fireworks are dangerous.”

Rochester Police Captain Mark Mura says the department sees an uptick in firework injuries every year at this time. There’s a simple way to tell which fireworks are legal and which ones aren’t.

“The bottom line is, if you can go into a Walmart or any of the box stores and buy fireworks in New York State those are legal. Anything that will blow up for the most part is illegal. The sparklers are legal.”

People who use illegal fireworks risk injury to themselves and others.

“The biggest part is education, letting people know that they’re dangerous and letting them know that it’s illegal. Certainly there’s the enforcement aspect of it but the truth of the matter is usually by the time we get there it’s too late, somebody’s been hurt or injured, or a fire has been started, or something along those lines.”

If you see or hear illegal fireworks call 911. Give the dispatcher as much information as you can.

“When we can enforce the laws we will, absolutely. But it’s just very difficult.” Captain Mura says, when it comes to your 4th of July celebration, leave it to the experts.

“The City usually puts on a fireworks display and most of the towns put on fireworks displays and those fireworks displays are much better than what you can do on your own and it’s much safer.”

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