Rochester, Finger Lakes region advances to phase two of reopening, effective immediately


NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (WROC) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his daily update regarding the coronavirus pandemic in New York state on Friday from New Rochelle, an area that was one of the first in the country to be significantly impacted by the virus.

The governor announced that the Rochester and Finger Lakes regions can advance to phase two of reopening, effective immediately.

“I feel confident that we can rely on this data and the five regions that have been in phase one can now move to phase two because that data has been reviewed and the experts say to us it’s safe to move forward because people have been smart and you haven’t seen the spike,” Gov. Cuomo said.

Businesses that will be allowed to reopen include Barbershops/Hair salons; Commercial Buildings; Retail Rental, Repair, and Cleaning; Auto Dealerships/Rentals; Offices; General Retail (with restrictions); and Real Estate.

“Barbershops, hair salons are open by appointment only,” Gov. Cuomo said. “The professionals in those operations have to get a test every two weeks. We recommend that they get a test before they reopen.”

To help local stylists remains safe as they reopen, Monroe County will be distributing face shields to licensed barbers, hair stylists and colorists.

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As regions being to open up, the governor said they are working to come up with plans and specific guidelines for each business. Some local leaders felt there wasn’t enough communication and some confusion on if the region can reopen.

“We want to make sure that the data was reviewed by all the experts,” Cuomo said in response. “I may be competent as a governor, but I’m not expert in global transmission in a viral pandemic so I wanted to make sure we had the best minds look at the data before we step forward.”

Officials with the governor also said they are looking at restaurants and the possibility of outdoor dining. “Outdoor dining on 2nd Avenue in Manhattan? Or Albany? There’s a possibility that you could separate outdoor dining but that’s something that is under review.”

The governor announced that new cases and daily deaths were each at their lowest levels statewide since the spread of COVID-19 ramped up back in March.

“New cases is down to 152, which is a dramatic, dramatic drop for us,” Gov. Cuomo said. “Number of deaths is at its lowest level yet, 67 deaths.”

The governor said that vigilance remains key moving forward for New Yorkers.

“What happens is up to us,” Gov. Cuomo said. “We know how we got here, we know how we can get from here.”

Locally, there have been 216 COVID-19 and 2,774 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Monroe County.

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