COVID-19 cases climb over 44K in NY, more than 500 deaths, schools to stay closed


ALBANY, N.Y. (WROC) — There are now 44,635 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in New York state, up by 7,377 from last official count Thursday.

Of the 44,635 cases, 6,481 have required hospitalization and 1,583 of those patients have received treatment in an Intensive Care Unit. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that to date, 2,045 patients have been discharged.

To date, there have been 519 COVID-19 deaths statewide, up from 385 at last official count Thursday. At this time, 138,376 people have been tested in New York state, including 16,272 new tests conducted since Cuomo’s Thursday briefing.

“The rate of the increase is slowing, but the number of cases are still going up and those two points are consistent and that’s what were seeing,” Gov. Cuomo said. “We want to see the rate slowing and then we want to see the number of cases coming down.”

At the national level, New York is still by far the state which has felt the greatest impact from the pandemic. Our state is No. 1 in the nation with the 44,635 confirmed cases. No. 2 is New Jersey with 6,876. No other state has more than 5,000 confirmed cases at this time.

New York is also No. 1 in the nation in relation to COVID-19 deaths with 519. Washington state is No. 2 with 151.

New York currently accounts for 49% of all COVID-19 cases nationwide and 38% of all COVID-19 deaths in the US to date.

The governor again stressed the need for additional hospital capacity as cases continue to climb.

“We need 140,000 hospital beds, we have 53,000 hospital beds — that’s why we’re scrambling,” Gov. Cuomo said. “We need 40,000 ICU beds, and we have 3,000 ICU beds.”

The governor also spoke about the need for ventilators statewide.

“I hope we don’t need 30,000 ventilators, I hope some natural weather change happens over night and kills the virus globally, that’s what I hope, but the numbers say you may need 30,0000,” Gov. Cuomo said.

For additional hospital capacity, the governor said he would ask President Donald Trump to authorize the creation of four additional temporary hospital sites. If approved, these temporary hospitals would operate downstate where there is the highest concentration of confirmed cases of COVID-19.

“To the national guard: This is a rescue mission that you’re on, the mission is to save lives, that’s what you’re doing,” Gov. Cuomo said. “The rest of your mission is to save lives and as hard as we work, we’re not going to be able to save everyone, and what’s even more cruel — is this enemy doesn’t attack the strongest of us it attacks the weakest.”

Gov. Cuomo announced that all New York state schools will remain closed until April 15, at which point the state government would reassess the situation.

There are currently 4 COVID-19 deaths and 160 confirmed cases in Monroe County.

A Johns Hopkins University professor and her graduate student have created an interactive map to capture all confirmed COVID-19 cases, fatalities and recoveries.

Tracking Coronavirus

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