ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Monroe County Executive Adam Bello gave an update regarding COVID-19 in Monroe County Monday.

“When you see gatherings around the county that are breaking the rules you should call 911,” Bello said.

That was what the county executive said people should do if they see others breaking social distancing rules. Regarding schools reopening, Bello said it remains unlikely for this academic year.

“The last thing we would want to do is reopen schools too early and have those schools become vectors for the spread of disease so right now, the school closures are being evaluated every two weeks,” Bello said.

Bello says the decision of if schools will reopen will ultimately be a collaborative decision between the county government, county health department, and local school superintendents, with input from the state government as well.

Bello said he supports the governor’s executive order to mandate that essential businesses provide masks for employees, and he encourages all residents wear masks whenever they leave the home.

“I think universal masking is the right thing to do and I would strong encourage anybody in the community to wear a mask when engaging the community and that includes essential workers,” Bello said. “I think it’s a socially responsible thing to do, for everyone to wear a mask.”

Bello says there will be a penalty for businesses and people who don’t comply with social distancing rules and existing executive orders.

“Right now businesses are subject to fines individuals are subject to education and disbursement orders from law enforcement,” Bello said. “Generally we like to start with education before a fine.”

For ways to report complaints, Bello said:

“What I would recommend is that you call 911, and we have been working with our partners at the 911 center to be able to create a way to address those types of complaints and also a way to code them in our system so we can track problem areas and repeat offenders,” Bello said.

On nursing homes as potential clusters with the virus, Bello says the information is sensitive.

“Because you’re dealing with the sensitivity around this is someones home and you also don’t want to create a larger panic that doesn’t need to exist if you have a piece of the information and not all of it,” Bello said.

Regarding mental health, Bello says he’s just like everybody else.

“It’s good to see people outside, you just have to keep that distance because it’s good to go for a walk, it’s good for your mental health,” Bello said.

And of course, streaming options, along with exploring in the kitchen.

“We are as addicted to Netflix and binge watching as everyone else and doing a lot of cooking and new recipes at home,” Bello said. “Everyone needs to relax.”

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As of Monday, there are 768 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Monroe County and there have been 50 deaths.

Of those 768 cases, 97 people are hospitalized and 36 of those patients have received treatment in an Intensive Care Unit and are on ventilators according to Monroe County Health Officials.

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To date, the Monroe County Department of Public Health has received 6,833 tests, with 6,065 coming back negative.

There are now more than 10,000 COVID-19 deaths in New York state, 10,056 exactly, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday. That death toll includes 671 lives lost since the governor’s last update Sunday.

A Johns Hopkins University professor and her graduate student have created an interactive map to capture all confirmed COVID-19 cases, fatalities and recoveries.

Tracking Coronavirus

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