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Bello projects slightly less budget shortfall, now facing $45.8 to $81.5 million loss


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Monroe County Executive Adam Bello announced on Friday that the budget shortfall is slightly less than originally projected.

Earlier this month, the county executive said factoring in lost revenue from sales tax, hotel and motel tax, fees, and a potential loss in state aid, the county projects it could be short anywhere from $68 to $122 million in total.

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However now after certain cuts and spending reductions, Bello announced that the county is projecting a $45.8 to 81.5 million revenue loss.

“Unfortunately we still don’t know the full extent of the impacts COVID 19 has on the local economy and we might not know for several months to come.” Bello listed out where exactly in the budget the county will hold these reserves — or won’t spend money that is budgeted for — in an attempt to lighten the financial burden.

“These spending reductions are going to impact almost every facet of the county government. A lot of the positions that are vacant are going to continue to be vacant.”

Bello said because of these reserves, citizens may notice a delayed response from county employees such as fixing things in parks, filling pot holes and other areas due to the hiring freeze and refraining from purchasing more equipment and supplies for the county.

“The thought process was where can we first go to look at holds that we can place on spending that would have a least amount of impacts on programs and services that residents use.”

Earlier this week, Bello, Rep. Joe Morelle and other local officials called on the federal government to pass legislation which directly supports local governments.

“Relying on hope and counting on these funds would be irresponsible,” Bello said.

Speaking of Morelle’s proposed legislation, Bello said it would allow local government to utilize parts of the CARES Act funding to offset the shortfall. “They take important steps in solving the problems that we actually face.”

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