ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Officials from Strong Memorial Hospital said Friday they are near 100% capacity.

Local coronavirus cases have been rising rapidly, with more cases in just three days this week than the entire month of September. Monroe County COVID-19 hospitalizations have also risen by more than 100 over the past 19 days.

“The number of cases here have definitely been rising in the past couple of weeks,” said Chip Partner, University of Rochester Medical Center. “We are about 100% capacity right now.”

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As of Friday morning, there were 32 COVID-19parients at Strong, including seven in the ICU, and 25 receiving regular medical care. Partner said of the six facilities in the URMC system, there are 67 COVID-19 patients total, including 11 in the ICU.

“It’s a concern,” Partner said. “We are watching it every day.”

Partner said that the hospital can go beyond 100% capacity, but to do so the hospital would need to change visitation restrictions or postpone surgeries. He said “Right now, we’re not at that point.”

Partner said this situation is different than earlier in the pandemic, and that more is known medically about the disease and how to treat it. Still, he says the hospital continues to encourage people to wear masks, keep their distance and wash their hands.

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Officials from the Rochester Regional Health said Friday that they have enough beds to take care of COVID-19 patients, but are preparing for more every day. They add that they have created plans to prepare for a second surge and the priority remains to be the care of patients.