PENFIELD, N.Y. (WROC) — Even though road tests are up and running again, some teens are still facing a roadblock. The five-hour pre-licensing course, which is required to schedule a road test, still isn’t being offered due to COVID-19.

Lily Mering started driving school through AAA back in January. She finished the classroom portion and just had a few lessons left, then the pandemic happened.

“You weren’t driving and that really made it hard to learn because without practicing you’re not gonna get better,” said Mering.

Mering said she really got the hang of driving before COVID hit, but not being taking lessons for months set her back with the muscle memory skills she learned like adjusting the mirrors and seats.

Luckily, Mering took her five-hour pre-licensing course before the pandemic. She can schedule her road test after her lessons are done. Richard Hyman is Mering’s driving instructor. He said not all his students can do this.

“They’re very frustrated right now because I got a lot of students waiting for the five-hour to go on with to sign up for the road test,” said Hyman.

Chloe Wilson is one of these teens- still waiting.

“I wanted to be able to start off my junior year being able to drive to school and everything but now I can’t because I can’t do the five-hour course,” she said.

Hyman said there’s no official word about when the five-hour course will start back up again.