ONTARIO COUNTY (WROC) —  Health officials in Ontario County are seeing more cases of COVID-19 in families, and while the numbers are still relatively low compared to surrounding areas, leaders say this is no time to ignore restrictions.

“Well, we’re certainly not seeing what other parts of the country are, however our numbers in Ontario and in the region are slowly creeping up,” said Mary Beer, Public Health Director Ontario.

Ontario County has had over 50 new COVID-19 cases since the beginning of October.

This is still significantly less than Monroe County, who has seen close to 70 new cases in the last 2 days, but it is still concerning to Public health director Mary Beer .

“We are seeing some spots where people are not adhering to what the state law is in terms of how many can gather, especially for like weddings and that kind of thing, and that’s very concerning,” said Beer.

Beer says the increase was expected as more things open up like schools and colleges.
They are seeing fewer clusters of COVID-19 in nursing homes and more within families.

“So the mom will get it or somebody will get it and then the other people in the household end up getting it even though we quarantined and that’s what we’re trying to do is that if we identify someone then we quarantine all the people around that person so it doesn’t spread in the community,” said Beer.

“We are not out the woods we’re still in a pandemic we’re still concerned that this can get very quickly out of control.”

Message to community to remain diligent and stay away from large groups.

Ontario County says there are anticipating more COVID-19 testing supplies from the state-
and are currently working on a plan to increase testing ability and locations.