Rochester nightclub opens for dancing by separating unvaccinated people


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — For the first time in over a year, people enjoyed a Friday night without the face mask, but that’s only if your fully vaccinated.

This prompts the question: How do businesses check for proof of vaccination?

Busy sidewalks on Park Avenue on Friday looked like a summer night pre-COVID, a scene some have been waiting for, for over a year.

“It feels very good to walk around without a mask. It feels like it is back in 2019. It’s very liberating. So yes, I was excited to be able to come out mask less,” said Matthew Scrivens, fully vaccinated.

Fully vaccinated people can go without the face mask or social distancing but some are questioning if everyone without the mask is in fact vaccinated.

“It was a force of habit now for the last one year. It feels weird not to be without the masks anymore so that’s why I have a mask on despite being fully vaccinated,” said Rageev Sharma, fully vaccinated.

This is a challenge business are trying to solve. Many going by the honor system.

Roar nightclub will use the honor system during the day for food service. But at night, security will check for vaccination and the upstairs space will be a fully vaccinated zone.

“If you chose to show your vaccination record, then you will get banded to go upstairs. There won’t be any tables upstairs so we will allow dancing,” said David Chappius, Co-owner of ROAR.

Vaccinated people will also get a band, showing they can walk around without the mask. Chappius hopes this leaves no question as to who is following the rules and the club will adjust as needed.

“At the end of the day we’re a business. We need to recoup form the last 14 months and the faster we can get back to being a full-on night club particularly on Friday and Saturday nights, we’re going to do that,” said Chappius.

The curfew restriction will be lifted for indoor establishments beginning May 31 meaning bars and nightclubs can stay open up past midnight. 

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