ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — On Wednesday, Monroe County’s Department of Public Health released a map of the county’s confirmed COVID-19 cases by zip code.

There are currently 142 cases of COVID-19, 3 deaths, 32 hospitalized and 545 people in mandatory quarantine in the county.

Some areas are seeing higher concentrations of confirmed cases than others, according to the map. Webster and areas along the lake shore closest to Rochester, as well as some areas surrounding the city like Gates, Brighton and Henrietta, are seeing a range of 6-15 cases, as indicated by the darker yellow portions of the map.

(Monroe County Dept. of Public Health)

Many towns and villages are reporting fewer than five cases, with some areas reporting none at all.

Dr. Michael Mendoza, the Monroe County Health Commissioner, says to stay cautious, even if you live in a part of the map that currently shows gray.

“If you happen to live in a zip code or area where there is not a reported case, I don’t want you to leave with a false sense of security, thinking that somehow you might be more able to go outside and defy the stay-in-home orders that we’ve implemented,” said Mendoza, “because that is simply not true.”

“And, second of all, I don’t want those in an area where there are cases to feel falsely alarmed,” said Mendoza.

The prescription from government and medical officials to stay home will help mitigate the spread of the disease, and prevent overwhelming medical resources, experts say.

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