BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) – St. John Fisher College is doing maintenance to improve the air circulation in campus buildings. The hope is, it’ll limit the spread of the coronavirus. The air quality audit is being done by Bergmann. They are an architecture and engineering firm. They’ll be looking to find ways to improve the college’s current HVAC systems in efforts to minimize the risk of Covid infections.

“Each HVAC system generally gets overlooked sometimes as a core element of a building. but in this case it’s potentially an avenue to spread the virus. It takes a deeper look to understand what is happening and how we can mitigate that,” said Evan DeCotis, project engineer for Bergmann. 

The focus work is on 12 out of the 20 academic buildings. Air quality experts will identifying ways to improve it and give recommendations. 

“We are going through these buildings and looking at the filter systems ensuring that they’re bringing in the right volume of outside air. We are increasing fans speeds to bring in more air to the building. we are making these recommendations with the hopes of making a better indoor environment for everybody to be in,” said DeCotis. 

Another tool used in high quality air systems is u-v lights placed inside. Air quality experts say it can disinfect the air before it circulates throughout the building.

“So we’re looking at it for institutional, we are looking at it for commercial, we are looking at it for schools. as a means just help the situation and help mitigate what could happen in these buildings,” said DeCotis. 

This as students start to move back on campus, faculty and staff prep for the fall semester.

Both the CSD  and the EPA say additional preventative steps —  like social distancing and wearing masks will significantly decrease the likelihood of the contagions spreading among close-quartered spaces