ROCHESTER N.Y. (WROC) — Local Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Emil Lesho says that President Joe Biden is correct on a technicality saying that the pandemic is over.

“Technically if you look at the public health definition of a pandemic he’s correct but operationally we are still seeing some covid patients,” Lesho said. “Another way to look at it is the rate of increase in new cases and new hospitalizations is much slower. it’s not increasing anymore and in some places, it’s decreasing so that’s what we’re seeing.”

He went on to say that additionally, several hundred people every day in the United States continue to die from COVID so it’s still important to get your booster and get vaccinated if you haven’t been.

Recently, some pharmacies in the U.S. have reported a shortage in the Moderna booster shot. Lesho says experts have learned that it’s not that big of a deal if you have to mix and match brands and goes on to share the reasons why there may be a shortage.

“They could have a glitch in the production line. There could be underestimated demand for it. If the shortage persists and gets worse, it could mean there are delays in some people getting their booster shot but overall it should be okay,” Lasho said.

He adds there are predictions that we may see a spike of new cases in the winter, saying what happens in other countries is often mirrored by the U.S.

He shared that he and his family will be getting the new booster and suggested everyone else do the same.