Hair appointment surge: Barbershop says customers worried about another shut down


BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) — Rebecca Webster who runs the Men’s Room Barber Lounge and Spa in Brighton, says this time of year, they usually see an uptick in traffic. But 2020 — as we all know — has been full of coronavirus curveballs. 

“The Men’s Room online booking has been out of control,” says Webster.

With an area spike in COVID-19 cases and an “orange Zone” designation hanging over the head of Monroe County, Webster says people want to get hair cut, should any surprise shut down be declared. 

“People are booking their next two to three haircuts, because they just don’t know if they’ll miss their next haircut due to closure,” she says.

It’s the not knowing what Albany will do next’ she says that has so many here on edge. When it came to reopening, Webster says it was all of a sudden. 

“Within hours we had to prepare to reopen. Thankfully, we were preparing six weeks in advance,” she says.

Webster’s staff say the last thing they want to do is stop cutting hair. 

“It’s awful, I just don’t want to be quarantined again. I think it’s not good for mental health issues, I’d rather be working because I really like working,” says Andrea Cattone.

“I really hope we just don’t close. I really like coming to work,” says Sarah Flanagan.

Webster says even if there is a shut down this winter, and a rapid re-opening of any kind, we’ll have a better idea of what to do. “Well, I think with this time around, just because we’ve been through this, we can prepare better.”

She adds, “Right now, with what’s going on with this pandemic, it’s very important to support local businesses.”

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