NEW YORK (WTEN) — In the lead up to her announcement of state Sen. Brian Benjamin as the lieutenant governor in her new administration, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul touched on mask mandates at schools statewide.

Hochul again outlined the top three priorities for her administration as it takes shape, including increasing vaccinations and disbursing ERAP funds. And on making schools safe for kids amid the pandemic, she said:

“We also have to make sure that we get our kids back to school. My god, these kids have been through so much—our teachers, the kids, and the poor parents who’ve had their kids at home all this time. They’re the ones that are really stressed. I’m a mom, I know this. So, we’ve got to get these kids back to school, especially those from black and brown communities where the kids sometimes don’t have the easiest shot at life. They need to get back to an environment that’s nurturing and caring. And we have to protect them, and we have to protect our teachers—our amazing teachers who have been showing up to be there for our children. So we’re going to have a mask mandate. Get used to it, my friends! I’m going to make sure that that environment for school is safe for our children, teachers, and administrators, so that’s why we’re going to have that across the state of New York.