BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) — Pfizer doses for children 5-11 have arrived in Monroe County and parents are already taking advantage of them.  

Lewis Pediatrics off Westfall Rd. in Brighton is one of many. They had 19 patients coming in for their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Its settings like these doctors say are ideal to take this age group too so it is a calmer environment they can feel the most comfortable getting their shot.  

A potentially life-saving shot for many, completed in only two seconds. It had these elementary-aged kids, among the first in Monroe County to receive the vaccine, feeling good to do their part.  

“I am really happy because then I can play with my friends and no mask,” Emerson Marshall said after getting her shot. “No, it didn’t hurt.”  

“I didn’t even notice when it came in,” Gray Marshall said. “Then I got it out and it was already done.” 

Dr. Edward Lewis of Lewis Pediatrics explained a family doctor’s office atmosphere adds to the process being smooth and easy. Giving patients and their parents more trust.  

“Knowing that I am administering the vaccine here gets a little bit of credence to it,” Dr. Lewis said. “And it is not just a mass immunization site. I think people with small kids feel comfortable having us watch them for 15 minutes.”  

After a short wait to be sure patients show no signs of rare side effects from the vaccine, they are free to leave. Dr. Lewis is prepared to see up to 150 patients in the 5-11 age group which made him adjust his schedules and staff to have the deliveries on day one.  

“We have opened up slots several times a week and on weekends we’ll be coming through on the evenings,” Dr. Lewis said. “Each shot is one more step to end this and it’s been 20 months now so it’s been too long.” 

Each dose was already paid for by the State and County Government. There can be an administrative fee that is covered by all insurance plans. But Dr. Lewis told us for those that don’t have insurance he will write off the administrator fee for parents because it’s all about keeping their kids healthy.  

The Center for disease prevention and control has detected over 8300 children, five through 11 hospitalized from COVID-19, and 172 dying since the start of the pandemic.