ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Even as New York State reopens its economy, the hardship remains for people who have loved ones in nursing homes.

It’s been months since they’ve been able to visit their family members and there’s no word when the ban on visitors will be lifted.

“I can’t get within six feet of my parent right now. I can’t even have outside visits with my parent because we are in a pandemic,” Joan Thomas said. Thomas said her father and step father are at a senior care facility in Greece. She was not able to see them for Father’s Day.

Thomas said she’s frustrated with many parts of the reopening process, including restaurants, bars and allowing protests.

“Right now our nursing homes are still on lockdown and my parents nursing home is not far from here. Over 6,000 seniors have died in New York State. We’re still trying to protect our most vulnerable in our community.”

State officials said the risk is still too high to reopen nursing homes right now. The state suspended visitations on March 18.