Dr. Mendoza says we’re ‘at a plateau’ with COVID-19, social distancing must continue


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — According to Dr. Michael Mendoza, the COVID-19 curve is flattening. He said progress is being made in not only Monroe County, but surrounding counties as well.

Dr. Mendoza said we’re at a plateau with COVID-19. He said this is because people have been doing their part by social distancing and we need to continue doing that until it’s safe to re-open.

Dr. Mendoza said if we were to re-open everything tomorrow in Monroe County, he has no doubt there would be a surge of cases. He’s urging patience and a need to hold off on re-opening until we’re at a point where we wouldn’t see a ton of new cases.

He said the worries he had from a few weeks ago of cases popping up exponentially didn’t happen.

Dr. Mendoza also said we need to look at reopening in terms of our region not just county by county. He said what happens in one county affects the ones right near it.

“I look at this as very reassuring because even though there is quite a bit of uncertainly ahead of us I have much less uncertainty because I know we have been able to accomplish this. We asked of you about a month and a half ago to do something nobody has ever done and we all did it. I think the fact that we all did it tells me that we can keep doing it and I think it also tells me we have to be very thoughtful and careful about the public trust because this cannot last forever. I do not want this to last forever,” said Dr. Mendoza.

In terms of schools re-opening, Dr. Mendoza said he still doubts that’ll happen this school year. He also said schools would re-open sooner than some larger venues such as Frontier Field. He said he believes the biggest benefit of closing schools is that parents observe social distancing better because their kids are at home.

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