COVID cases spike in Ontario & Wayne Counties, health officials make plea to public


LYONS, N.Y (WROC) — Health Department Directors have serious warnings for both Ontario and Wayne County since it was labeled Communities of High Transmission Rates of the Coronavirus by CDC (Centers for Disease Control) standards.  

When you measure seven-day average positive Covid-19 cases per capita both Ontario and Wayne County are more than double the number of cases in All of Monroe County. As the Holiday approaches, doctors and Nurses of the Health Departments are Concerned.  

About a third of each County’s population still doesn’t have at least one dose of a Coronavirus vaccine. The main contributor Heath leaders are finding is keeping the virus alive enough to spread fast.  

“Extremely frustrating that we must spend so much time defending public health and practices to see false information and the fact that people believe it,” Wayne County Health Deputy Director Kerry Vanauken told us.  

“If you’re not vaccinated, do you really think that’s fair to be around grandma,” Ontario County Health Director Mary Beer said “Who’s at great risk?”  

Since Halloween Wayne County has gone from a seven-day average of 42 cases a day to 80. While Ontario County has jumped from 56 to 83 new Covid-19 cases averaged a day. Trends fueled by folks going out more but not masked or vaccinated.  

“Definitely it’s indoor parties and get-togethers,” Director Beer continued. “People not masking up any longer and those unvaccinated who should mask around others are not.”  

Stats from the state department of health show Ontario and Wayne County positive cases are already higher than they were during the holidays last year before we had a vaccine. At this level, the doctors with the CDC urge all people to mask up indoors to slow the spread.  

“Our death rate or the number of deaths we’ve seen in November has so far been 14,” Deputy Director Vanauken warned. “Which is a significant number in comparison when you look at our total death rate.” 

“Our hospitals are already at capacity this time of the year,” Director Beer added. “That’s unusual as well so going into the holiday where the hospitals are already busy, and the numbers are high I just warn people to be careful.” 

Ontario County is still offering free testing click here, and for vaccines click here.  

To get free Covid-19 testing in Wayne County click here, and to schedule, a vaccine in this area click here.

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