CDC: Vaccine-induced COVID-19 immunity better protects than infection-induced immunity


ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — On the eve of a panel of Doctors with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to meet for discussion on issuing the second approval for Pfizer Vaccines in 5-11-year-olds, the agency released a new study showing those getting the vaccine are less likely to be hospitalized than those who caught COVID-19 before but did not get the vaccine before catching the virus again.  

In the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report released by the Center of Disease, Control doctors examined thousands of patients from January through September of this year hospitalized due to Covid-19. The results show even though people made it through Covid-19 once, the second time catching it put them in the hospital in far greater numbers than those vaccinated.  

Across nine states, doctors with the CDC kept track of over 6,000 people 18 or older, 3-6 months after they either caught the Coronavirus and were unvaccinated or got vaccinated.  

“From a face validity standpoint, it makes sense, it drives with our clinical experience,” Monroe County Health Director Dr. Michael Mendoza said. “It drives with the research we’ve been seeing today. It’s from a credible organization, the CDC. We know who they are, we know that they have symptoms, we’ve been testing them.” 

After crunching all the numbers, doctors found those who caught Covid-19 before but never got vaccinated were more than five times more likely to end up in the hospital than those who were vaccinated. Concluding immunity from the vaccine is superior to only previously being infected and the best way to herd immunity.    

“Do we get there through infections putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk?,” Dr. Mendoza asked. “Or do we get through the vaccine? Which by every study thus far has shown it to be superior from an efficacy standpoint and from a safety standpoint.” 

This kind of change can be hard to keep up with, but medical experts explain that is a good thing because it shows the research is on top of the latest science, pointing to the vaccine as the best weapon.  

“We are going with the best science and as we learn from Science,” Dr. Joe Sellers, President of New York State Medical Society told us. “And studies like this one. I can give better advice now.”  

As far as waves in rising cases go Dr. Mendoza reminds people, we hit large spikes in the holiday season and winter, but this time around we have a vaccine urging to avoid winter spikes as we all go indoors you must talk to your doctor to see if you can get your dose. 

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