ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — As more people get their vaccines, herd immunity is closer to being achieved. Before then, even vaccinated people still have the chance of catching COVID-19.

Dr. Emil Lesho is an infectious disease specialist with Rochester Regional Health. He said as long as COVID-19 is still in the community, there is still a small chance of fully vaccinated people catching it.

“The studies did not find 100% effectiveness or efficaciousness, they found 95% or 90 %, some vaccines a little less. So even if you have 95% that still means out of 100 people, five people could still get an infection after successfully getting the two shot series,” Dr. Lesho said.

He said people are considered fully protected between two and four weeks after receiving their final shot. While there’s still a small chance of catching COVID after that period, it’s more likely before that time is up.

“It depends on how far after the vaccination they get exposed. So it’s not unheard of that somebody got their first dose then got exposed a couple days later they’re not fully protected.”

He said the question of whether a fully vaccinated person can transmit the virus is still being researched. He said a study with college students is happening now to answer this question.

“They’re gonna have two groups of people at given times, vaccinated people and unvaccinated, and they’re gonna compare transmission rates between those until everybody get vaccinated.”

Dr. Lesho also said he’s seen a trend of younger people not wanting to get the vaccine and he said he encourages everyone to get it. He said every age group is important to reach herd immunity.