BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) — “Not fun, not at all.” 12-year-old Eli Fybush has weathered 12 months of masks, hybrid learning and social distancing. Nearly one year ago, he had to celebrate his birthday on line. He’d like to celebrate the next one with the vaccine.

“I don’t like shots or needles personally,” he says. “But it would be worth it to get the vaccine and have this be over with.”

Now Eli could get his wish. The FDA is expected to authorize the Pfizer vaccine for children ages 12 to 15 as early as next week.

President Biden said Wednesday the White House is ready to act. “I want American parents to know that if that announcement comes we are ready to move immediately to make about 20,000 pharmacy sites across the country ready to vaccinate those adolescents as soon as the FDA gives its ok.”

Pfizer says clinical trials showed the vaccine was nearly 100% effective in children that age, and is well tolerated.

“I know it’s 95% effective with minor side effects, nothing major,” says Eli.

“We’ve talked a little bit,” says Scott Fybush, Eli’s father. “He watches the news regularly, and he’s disappointed everybody else in the family was able to get the vaccine. His grandparents have it, his sister has it, we have it. He’s been feeling a little bit left out until now.”

In the Fybush family, everyone’s gotten the vaccine – except Eli.

When it comes time for a shot he says he ‘ll be ready. “I’d be able to see my friends more, and I’d feel more comfortable at school and other places,” he says. “I could eat indoors with other vaccinated people and it would just make everything feel a lot better.”

FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine for kids, would mean millions more Americans would be eligible for a shot.